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Spanish Property Auctions – Real Estate Properties

Bellewaters ec anchorvale

The recent bidding for Bellewaters EC Anchorvale Crescent indicate that developers are still upbeat about the executive condominium market. The EC market was first set up for the sandwhich classes of family in Singapore whose income is above $10K but below $12K. However, this has generated a lot of interest because Singapore has many buyers who belong to the category. They are unable to buy BTO flats but are still looking for subsidized housing. Therefore, Bellewaters EC presents an opportunity for them to own an EC in the Anchorvale Cresent District at a more affordable rate.

Bellewaters EC Anchorvale Crescent

Condominium housing in the Anchorvale Crescent District by Qingjian is already above the 1000psf mark which makes it very unlikely for buyers to be able to afford a unit in the district. According to the latest sources, analyst see that there is much potential for growth in the area given the proximity of the area to the city as well as the public transport options available. Therefore, buyers will be very interested in Bellewaters EC which presents an opportunity for them to own a public housing with condo facilitites. Analyst noted that the developer has bid for $192.89 million for the plot of land which makes it one of the cheapest plot of land available for sale in the Anchorvale Crescent District. So far, there has been 12 bids received for the bid of land and the winner is Qingjian Realty. 12 bids for the plot in Anchorvale Crescent is considered a good number of bids considering the location as well as restriction of buyers nowadays due to the implementing TDSR on property loans.

Bellewaters EC Qingjian Realty

Sharp interst seen by the developers in the area meant that developers are still generally upbeat on the EC market especially on plot of land which are outside the CBD area. As the land sales are starting to slow down, developers are eagerly trying to replenish their land banks to store up their profits. Lush Acres EC which is similar to Bellewaters EC has experienced good sales in the development and hence many sees the same response will be seen in Bellewaters EC which is just around in the Anchorvale Crescent district area.

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