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Hong Leong Flora Drive Condo

The guidelines state that all warnings, qualifications and disclaimers must be printed so as to be read without a magnifying glass, and even specify the smallest font size which can be used.

Mr. Tan added that the rapid increase in seminars promoting investor clubs had occasioned the requirement in the new code requiring advertisements make plain, where a seminar involves any property booking or investment for Flora Drive Condo.

Flora Road Condo Hong Leong

Eric Cheng, Property CEO at ECG noted that the number of overseas companies, from many countries, selling foreign property in Singapore has increased rapidly in the last two years and aggressively advertise so that currently most weekend advertising was filled with overseas property launches. Mr. Cheng added that some overseas property markets were increasingly popular with Singaporean investors due to their lower prices, and Singapore’s government was very concerned aboutsome practices within this market.

Pasir Ris Flora Drive Condo Hong Leong

Teo Hong Lim CEO of Roxy-Pacific said that its development in Kuala Lumpur of more than 700 units will launch in Hong Leong Flora Drive concurrently in Singapore and Malaysia during the next two or three months and Huttons will act as the company’s local marketing agent. He said that it made sense to employ a local agent, ensuring the accuracy and truth of project details, since Singapore’s agencies must comply with the CEA code.

Hong Leong Condo

During the period between January 2013 and May 2015 ASAS received 12 complaints about advertisements for overseas property investments such as Hong Leong Condos, which contained unsubstantiated claims. In the same period CASE received 23 complaints from consumers regarding overseas property investment, most involving cases, where people had invested in overseas property but did not receive the promised returns for Hong Leong Condo.

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